The Lord of The Rings Exhibitions

Over 20 years ago I did a series of paintings inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s “the Lord of the rings”. Some of them found their homes when exhibited around Europe (2001-2005), and for some of them, it took a little longer.

Today I’m happy and honored, that some of my artworks also found their home at the fantastic Griesinger museum in Jenins, Switzerland, and are now a part of the world’s most extensive “Middle-earth” collection.

Exhibitions locations

  • Palazzo della Provincia, Bari, Italy (2005)
  • Castello Svevo, Trani, Italy (2005)
  • Riolo Terme, Italy (2004)
  • The City Arsenal, Wroclaw, Poland (2004)
  • The Green Gate, I Danzig, Poland (2004)
  • Villa Celimontana, Rome, Italy (2003)
  • San Daniele del Friuli, Italy (2003)
  • Rocca di Ravaldino Forlì, Italy (2003)
  • Mole Vanvitelliana, Ancona, Italy (2003)
  • Castel S.Angelo, Rome, Italy (2003)
  • Palazzo Albertini, Forlì, Italy (2002)
  • Castello Agolanti, Riccione, Italy (2002)
  • Malmö, Sweden, (2001)