Your Fine Art needs

Working closely with clients to develop a deep understanding of their needs,  I create customized original Art that fits the purpose.

From a single piece of original Art work to a series of paintings.


Combining freehand Airbrush techniques for subtle and smooth gradiations with traditional paintbrush for detailed strokes creates a realistic “depth of field” feel to the painting.

Photos are Key

I base my work on reference photos. The photo I work from is a substitute for someone actually sitting in front of me as I paint, and that is why it’s important that it holds all the details.
Working from photos also allows me to practically paint anyone (or anything) at any time – and support customers all over the world.

However, the quality of the reference photos are (more or less) keys to size, format and prices. As each piece is unique in itself – it is impossible to have a predetermined pricelist for this type of works.

Once you’ve have some photos I’m happy to advise on which will make the best portrait if you aren’t sure. Or if you already have a suitable photo in mind, feel free to send it.  – and I’ll see if it is possible to work from.